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Image of Polydock floating dock



PolyDock is ideal for mucky or silty lake and river bottoms. Secured with galvanized steel poles, PolyDock moves with changing water levels while remaining secure and stable. Just like ShoreMaster standing dock, PolyDock is modular and layouts are endless.

PolyDock is also compatible with ShoreMaster aluminum ramps to help you keep the beginning of your dock the same with changing water levels.

Slip resistant surface on polydock

Quality Parts and Craftsmanship, With a Warranty to Match

Limited Product Warranty On PolyDock, ShorePort, Connectors and Parts, and other items


Recessed areas along the bottom of the dock create a vacuum, which increases the stability over other floating docks.


Internal supports also create a rigid structure that won't feel soft or saggy while you walk on it.


Clamp-style connectors allow the entire dock to move as a single unit, creating a solid feeling platform.

PolyDock features a slip-resistant surface that is as easy on the eyes as it is on your feet.

Example of some accessories available with PolyDock


All the Infinity Track accessories are compatible with PolyDock, so don't worry about missing out on ShoreMaster's chairs, bumpers, and many other accessories with this floating dock.

Just like ShoreMaster dock, these accessories can be placed anywhere along the edge of the dock and remain safe and secure for the season.

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