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ShoreMaster Accessory Bracket

The Infinity Track system is standard on every ShoreMaster dock. It allows for easy installation and removal of all Infinity Track accessories by just loosening or tightening one T-Handle set screw. Shown in the picture is an Infinity Track bracket, which goes onto accessories to allow them to connect to the track. Infinity Track was formerly called Quick Connect (QC for short) and you may hear it referred to that at times, but they are the same system. The track runs the entire perimeter of the dock and accessories can be placed anywhere along the track, not just at set points.

Easy On, Easy Off

Having your accessories connected by a T-Handle to the dock makes moving them around your dock very simple. If you don't like where something is you can simply move it to another spot by just loosening the T-Handle and placing it in another spot on the track. There is no drilling or through bolting for Infinity Track accessories, so you don't have to keep putting holes in your dock if you wish to move accessories to a different spot on the dock.

The Industry's largest selection of accessories

From bumpers to protect your dock from watercraft to seating for everyone, ShoreMaster offers the largest selection of accessories in the industry. Our most popular accessory by far is the dock bumper, which protects you boat and protects your dock without having to pull out fenders when docking. Furniture and benches are also very popular on ShoreMaster docks as they connect to the side of the dock which saves space and provides a nice, secure place to sit.

Different accessories available  with ShoreMaster dock

Add accessories at your own pace

Accessories can be added at any time and several of them can even be added onto. For example the kayak racks can have an extra arm added on to hold another kayak or paddle board. The benches can have arm rests added on or you can choose to go without them if you'd like.

New accessories are released all the time as well. Some of the newer accessories that have been released include the basketball hoop, fire table, premium furniture set, and a grill for your dock.

Dock Basketball Hoop Accessory
ShoreMaster Fire Table Dock Accessory
ShoreMaster Grill Dock Accessory

A more in depth look

Below you can find our video on ShoreMaster dock accessories in which we go into how they connect to the dock as well highlight some of our more popular accessories.

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