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From simple Tune-ups to advanced diagnostics, your boat is in good hands

Our service staff includes technicians who are Mercury trained & certified, an owner with over 40 years of experience, a manager with over 25 years of experience, and customer service that is unmatched. Our two service bays allow us to accommodate up to four boats at one time for a variety of services such as: winterizations, tune-ups, lower unit & drive work, accessory installation, electrical system service along with many other services. Our service department is stocked with over 12,000 parts, with additional parts available on order. Our service staff also stays up to date on the latest practices and technology. Pair that with advanced tools such as our Mercury diagnostic software that is only available to certified Mercury dealers, allows us to provide precise and efficient service. Below we have a more extensive list of our services.


Alex Hakes

Master Marine Technician / Sports Fan

Mercury Certified Technician • Service Guru • Outdoors Enthusiast • SUNY Cobleskill Grad

7 Years Experience


Josh Purple

Marine Technician / Gearhead

Mercury Certified Technician • New Boat Rigging • Avid Runner • Best Dad Ever

4 Years Experience


Kevin Snow

Marine Technician/ Tree Hugger

Mercury Trained Technician • MMI Grad • Electrical Systems Guru • Star Gazer

2 Years Experience

Boat Service Pricing and Details

Spring Start-Up



  • Inspection of Fuel Vent & Supply Lines

  • Charge and reconnect battery

  • Check and fill engine fluids

  • Check and adjust belts

  • Start and run engine, inspect run quality

  • Lubricate trailer winch and coupler

  • Check Bellows Condition

  • Check Propeller Condition

  • Check Steering Operation

  • Check Shift Operation

  • Check Trim and Tilt Operation

  • Check boat lights

  • Check Bilge Blower

  • Check Bilge Pump

  • Check Trailer Lights

  • Check Gauges

  • Check Water Pump

  • Check Coast Guard Safety Equipment 

  • Check Tire Condition

  • Check Tire Pressure

  • Check Trailer Bearings

  • Check All Helm Switches

  • Check Bimini(If applicable)


*Prices vary

Click here for more details on Winterization pricing


  • Add Mercury QuickStor fuel stabilizer

  • Run the engine for 5+ minutes, note if the engine is running poorly

  • Drain ALL water from the engine(If Applicable)

  • Change the engine oil and filter

  • Replace ALL fuel filter(s) (if applicable)

  • Change the gear lube, replace ALL drain plug gaskets (If applicable)

  • Fog the Cylinders

  • Run non-toxic marine antifreeze through the engine(If applicable)

  • Run antifreeze through the freshwater system (livewell, washdown, etc.) (if requested)

  • Disconnect ALL batteries

  • Grease ALL grease fittings

  • Inspect propeller condition

  • Inspect bellows condition (if applicable)

  • Remove the transom drain plug, attach it to the steering wheel

  • Inspect wheel bearings

  • Inspect trailer tire condition

Bellows and Gimbal Bearing Replacement

*Starting at $1,777.99 +tax


  • Inspect trim gauge function, replace trim senders(if applicable, additional charge)

  • Replace gimbal bearing

  • Replace U-Joint bellows

  • Replace exhaust bellows

  • Replace shift cable bellows

  • Replace outdrive shift cable

  • Replace water pickup hose

  • Replace gear lube hose and add new gear lube

  • Replace shift bracket spring

  • Check and adjust shift linkage

  • Test run, (ensure working condition)

  • Trim up and down fully to ensure bellows are in correct position

Impeller Service

*Starting at $307 +tax (Prices vary depending on engine)

*Recommend replacement every 3-5 years (impellers wear over time and a bad impeller can cause your engine to overheat)


  • Remove debris from telltale (if applicable)

  • Drain and inspect gear lube quality

  • Pressure test lower unit

  • Remove and replace impeller and all gaskets and seals

  • Refill gear lube

  • Replace all drain plug gaskets

  • Grease drive shaft and shift shaft splines

  • Inspect for damage from overheating

  • Test water pump function

Tune-Up Service

Outboard: *Starting at $165.95 +tax

Mercruiser/Volvo: *Starting at $518.95 +tax

  • Compression test on ALL cylinders

  • Replace all spark plugs

  • Replace cap, rotor, and ignition sensor (if applicable)

  • Replace spark plug wires(if applicable)

  • Check engine timing(adjust as needed)

  • Check throttle linkages (adjust as needed)

  • Test run engine and inspect run quality

* Please note that all prices are estimated and may vary depending on your boat's year, make & model. Contact us if you need specific pricing for your year make and model boat and engine.

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