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Boat Lift Electric Motor Options

*One note before you start*
Boat lifts aren't designed for lifting humans. Some people tend to underestimate how much weight even 2 or 3 people can add. We highly recommend not having people in the boat while it is in the lift as well as when the lift is being operated.

About Lift Boss Motors

ShoreMaster LiftBoss Motor


Enjoy flawless performance season after season with the added convenience of motorized lift operation with ShoreMaster's Boat Lift Motor. Featuring long-lasting, corrosion resistant hardware, the ShoreMaster Boat Lift Motor is wired and assembled by hand in the USA and tested three times for quality control before packaging. Included with your motor is a Whisper Winch mounting kit for easy mounting to all ShoreMaster Whisper Winch boat lifts. Available with key-turn, or wireless remote operation it is easier than ever to get out on the water with the ShoreMaster Boat Lift Motor.


  • Available in 120V or 12/24V; Optional Solar Panel available

    • Works with single or dual marine battery power(12/24V)

    • Works with GFI-protected power(120V)

  • Available in key-turn, or wireless remote operation

  • Works with all ShoreMaster Whisper Winch boat lifts.

  • Sealed, all-weather resistant electronics with quick and quiet operation

  • 20 Minute Quick-mount installation process

  • Assembled and wired in the USA with a two-year warranty

Lift Boss Motor for ShoreMaster Boat Lifts

Motor Options

  • 12V Key Turn:

  • 24V Key Turn: 

  • 120V Key Turn:      

  • 12V Remote:

  • 24V Remote:    

  • 120V Remote:        

lift boss remote.jpg
  • $2,173

  • $2,637

  • $1,432

  • $2,718

  • $3,182

  • $1,977

Available in key-turn, or wireless remote operation 

Check out our video on the ShoreMaster Lift Boss Motors by clicking the button below

Motor Accessories

Listed below are some of the accessories available with ShoreMaster Lift Boss Motors: 

  • Solar Panel(12/24V Setups)

  • Battery tray(Canopy or Leg Mount)

  • Limit Switch

  • Battery Bridge(24V Setup)

  • Battery Box

  • Replacement Key

  • Battery Cord Extension

  • Canopy Light Kit

solar panel.jpg
double battery canopy.jpg
limit switch.jpg
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