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Independently Strong

Built for Longevity

ShoreMaster RS7 Frame Only

All ShoreMaster frames are assembled with a completely welded construction. Therefore the frames are independently strong even without the decking panels on the section. Cross supports every 4 feet provide superior strength while still remaining lightweight and easy to handle.

Strength To Support All Of Your Accessories

Whether it's the RS (rail side) or TS (truss side) system of dock you can be confident that the perimeter of your dock is strong enough to support accessories like ladders and furniture that are designed to take the weight of a person.

Dock Ladder Pivoting
Dock Furniture

What other accessories are there?

Click the button to find more information about accessories.

Aluminum means a rust free dock

When it comes to longevity of material, aluminum is ideal. Many docks are constructed using wood or steel for the frame. Constantly being in contact with water is not a great environment for these materials as is accelerates their deterioration. Since the frames of ShoreMaster docks are completely aluminum they won't rust or rot. We at Brinson Marine perform seasonal installations and removals for docks that were purchased almost 30 years ago.

The leg pockets and accessories for ShoreMaster docks use stainless steel and brass hardware to prevent seized bolts and set screws. Years down the road you can be confident that the legs will still be easily adjustable accessories will come off with ease. Even the oldest docks that we service are still adjustable to this day.

Aluminum means Easy To Handle

An all aluminum construction keeps the weight of each section very manageable when it comes to installing and removing it every season. Even the bigger sections are still very manageable with only 2 people. It also means that adjusting the height of your dock is much easier, especially when doing it from the water.

Below you can find a table with the weights of the different types of ShoreMaster sections.

Close up of Infinity RS4

Infinity RS4

Weights listed are frame only and do not include decking panels or legs.


52 lb



82 lb

97 lb


90 lb

3' Corner

20 lb

Close up of Infinity TS9

Infinity TS9

Weights listed are frame only and do not include decking panels or legs.


61 lb



102 lb

77 lb


125 lb

3' Corner

19 lb

Close up of Infinity RS7

Infinity RS7

Weights listed are frame only and do not include decking panels or legs.


80 lb



131 lb

97 lb


155 lb

3' Corner

28 lb

Trusted construction backed by a quality warranty

ShoreMaster Dock Warranty
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