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ShoreMaster Boat Lifts

Protect Your Investment

Your boat’s hull can take on all sorts of abuse when left in the water, from algae buildup and corrosion to the damaging effects of wind and waves. This is why your boat’s best friend is a vertical boat lift. The ultimate in boat mooring and protection, ShoreMaster Lifts are strong and durable thanks to aluminum welded construction throughout. When you un-float your boat with a ShoreMaster Lift, you enjoy lightweight, maintenance-free operation for years to come.

ShoreMaster Aluminum Vertical Boat Lift

Vertical Lifts


Vertical Lifts are available in 2,200LBS - 7,000LB capacities.


Featuring 66" of travel, vertical lifts are great in both deep and shallow water situations. These lifts can operate in as little as 6" of water and the V-shaped frame sides allow easy access to the boat from the dock. Gear reduced winch boxes are the industry's quietest and allow for manual cranking or the use of an electric motor. 

ShoreMaster Aluminum Vertical PWC Lift

PWC Lifts

Personal watercraft lifts are available in 1,200LBS and 2,200LBS capacities. They are available in both cantilever and vertical models.


The vertical lift features 50" of travel and features brass pullies. This design is the most stable option, suitable for any body of water. This is ideal in bodies of water that have fluctuating water depths and are likely to have wave action.


The cantilever PWC lift features 28" of lift travel and a width of 64". This lift benefits from a simpler design consisting of only 3 pulleys and 1 cable. This lift is ideal in waterfronts that do not have much wave action.


Hydraulic Lifts
Hydraulic Lifts are available in 6,000LB - 12,000 capacities.

The hydraulic lift represents the most advanced technology available. It's quick, quiet operation will lift your boat out of the water in seconds. These lifts require at least 3.5' of water and most sizes are available in a 48” or 60” lift height.
Hydraulic lifts become cost effective compared to the vertical lift when your boat is over 6,000 lbs and you desire a motorized lift. The 6,000 lb capacity lift is up to 250 lbs lighter than the competition. We now also offer 6,000LB - 8,000 capacities as vertical hydraulic lifts.

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