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Dock Accessory Showcase

What Accessories Are Available?

If you've purchased a ShoreMaster dock or have an existing ShoreMaster dock you may be wondering what accessories are available to add on to it. Not only that but you may be wondering how easy it is to install or remove new accessories. Fortunately ShoreMaster makes this easy with their Infinity Track System that runs the length and width of every dock section. Almost every accessory attaches onto the track and tightens down with a single set screw. There is no drilling or fabrication involved and every accessory can be removed or moved to a different spot with ease. Even the furniture attaches to the side of the dock which saves quite a bit of space in the middle of the dock.

Additional accessories are available including handrails in various sizes as well as some tools to help with leveling your dock or helpful with lifting your hoist. Many of our accessories also have other options available. The deluxe furniture, bumpers, bench and solar lights all have different color options available and the bench has the option of armrests with cup holders. The wide steps also have the option of being attached together to create a longer set of stairs which can also be placed on land to get down to your dock.


Many of our accessories are in stock and available to pick up and we also offer delivery and installation of all of our accessories. We also have many accessories on display if you wish to have a better look at them. Feel free to come look at our displays at our location on Onondaga Hill.

If you have any further questions or are interested in purchasing any accessories you can call us at (315) 469-4867 or fill out the form that is linked below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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