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Image of TS9 Dock with wheel legs next to a ShoreMaster boat lift



Image of TS9 Dock with accessories and a ShoreMaster Hydraulic Boat Lift


Available in 8' and 16' lengths, TS9 offers the classic truss style to provide increased durability while still managing to be lightweight and easy to handle. TS9 offers a great balance of strength and ease of use.

TS9 is a great option when trying to span a long distance. The 16' sections mean there are less sections to remove than the typical 10' sections. Since the truss design keeps the weight down, two people can still easily carry one section once the removable decking is out. 

Image of ShoreMaster TS9 Dock with wheel legs  in the water

Quality Parts and Craftsmanship, With a Warranty to Match

ShoreMaster Warranty Aluminum Dock


Wheel leg options are available for TS9 allowing you to roll each section, or multiple sections at once, out into the water. Wheels can also make removing your dock each season much less of a hassle.

Wheel legs can increase the stability of the dock due to the wider base and heavier legs. The wheels have holes on their sides to allow water to fill the wheel, again increasing stability. 

Brinson Marine is available to perform your seasonal installation and removal if you don't wish to do it yourself.

Image of ShoreMaster TS9 Dock with Wheel Legs in the water
Image of ShoreMaster Dock at Sunset in the water

Wide Variety of Hassle Free Decking Options

All decking options are removable for easy installation and removal.

Should anything ever happen, replacing the decking can be done one panel at a time, without replacing the frame or the entire top of the dock.

Our most popular panel is the Flow Through due to the fact that it allows water to pass through it, and that these panels will stay looking the same a few years down the road.

Panels in the picture from top to bottom are as follows:

Cedar, Unpainted Aluminum, Painted White Aluminum, Painted Tan Aluminum, Grey Flow Through, Tan Flow Through, Grey Vertex, Tan Vertex, Grey Wood grain Aluminum, Woodgrain Aluminum, and IPE wood (special order panel).

Image of Different panel options available for docks
Image of some of the accessories available with ShoreMaster Docks

With Infinity Track, Possibilities Are Endless

The Infinity Track System allows for all ShoreMaster accessories to quickly and easily attach to anywhere along the perimeter of the dock without tools.

No drilling holes and no hassle. Don't like where an accessory is? Just loosen the T-Handle set screw and move it to any other spot on the dock.

ShoreMaster TS9 dock with Jetski and Super Wake boat
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