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ShoreMaster Standing Docks

A Light, Strong, Easy To Use System

If you are looking for information about a dock for your waterfront you may find several different options. Those option may include whether or not a wheel-in dock or a standing dock would be the best fit. You also may have come across docks constructed from different materials such as wood, steel or aluminum. Hopefully we can answer some of the questions you may have about aluminum dock.

As a dealer of Shoremaster products we at Brinson Marine are happy to help with any questions you may have about dock and lifts. We also invite you to our location on Onondaga Hill to come walk on one of our display docks and feel the quality and stability for yourself.

ShoreMaster aluminum docks feature a completely welded construction with a middle stringer along with welded supports that run the width of the dock. These supports create incredible strength and stability without depending upon the panels for support as many other brands do. The complete aluminum construction keeps the dock light and easy to handle without sacrificing strength.

Each section can have up to four leg pockets installed, depending upon the configuration of the dock. These pockets secure the aluminum legs and allow for infinite height adjustments with a simple and secure set screw. ShoreMaster's five sided legs allow for the set screw to create two points of contact within the leg pocket as opposed to one point of contact in typical four sided legs. This decreases free space for the leg to move inside the pocket and therefore increases stability. The leg pockets are connected to the frame with stainless steel bolts and brass nuts, meaning along with the aluminum frame and legs you never have to worry about your dock rusting or hardware seizing up.

ShoreMaster dock also features the Infinity Track System which allows any of the wide array of accessories to easily attach anywhere along the edge of the dock. The Track also allows for easy removal in order to change where an accessory is located on the dock or to remove additional weight when installing or removing the dock. For more information about ShoreMaster accessories Click Here.

Choose Your Style

ShoreMaster docks consist of three different types of dock frames that fit your different waterfront needs and preferences. Each style includes the Infinity Track System, therefore every accessory is available with each type of frame.

ShoreMaster RS4 with curved sections

RS4 (4'x10') Sections

The RS4 frame is our most popular selling dock and for good reason. This 4'x10' section can fit almost any waterfront needs and provide a light, solid and versatile system that will last for many years. The frame of the RS4 dock is only four inches tall giving it a low profile over the water and providing a nice clean look to your dock. RS4 is the lightest style of dock available and combined with its easy to manage size, moving and storing the dock is no problem at all. With the panels removed and the legs left in the dock, one person can carry a section in and out of the water. Each section is connected by just two connectors which tighten via a T-Handle set screw. The connectors can be placed anywhere along the dock making this dock extremely customize-able for whatever layout you desire. Curved sections, which come in 45 and 90 degree sections, let you create a unique layout for your dock that will surely stand out. RS4 also comes in 4x4 sections to further increase the ways you can customize your dock to your needs.

ShoreMaster TS9 with wheel kits

TS9 and RS7 (4'16')

TS9 and RS7 sections come standard in 16' lengths and are equipped to handle wheels that help ease installation and removal. To learn more about ShoreMaster wheel-in dock Click Here. RS7, like the RS4, features a solid side beam on the frame however the RS7 frame is seven inches tall instead of four. TS9 is different in that it features a truss style side beam that gives it incredible strength while keeping the dock light and easy to handle. The truss style also allows for wind and water to pass through the dock which is especially good if a big storm were to roll through. Both of these styles of dock are great for getting out to deeper water quicker due to their standard 16' lengths. Even with their longer lengths and reinforced constructions both style of dock are still easy to remove with two people and are easy to store on your property for the off season.

Every style of ShoreMaster dock is equipped with the Infinity Track System meaning every accessory is available for every style. You don't have to worry about sacrificing Infinity Track accessories in order to get the style of dock that best works with your waterfront.

A Variety of Panels to Choose From

ShoreMaster dock really stands out with its removable panels for every style of dock. Every panel is recessed into the dock providing a nice flush surface to the dock. Since Shore Master dock has a completely welded construction with middle supports, it doesn't need to rely upon the decking to give the dock its strength. Therefore ShoreMaster is able to make removable panels that make the dock extremely easy to handle without the weight of the panels on it.

All panel options are sturdy on their own without relying upon the frame to give them strength and every panel besides the wooden options can be secured to the dock using twist clips on the bottom side of the panel. Panel options range from cedar to painted aluminum to a polypropylene panel reinforced with aluminum supports. The polypropylene panel, also known as the Titan or flow through panel, is our most popular panel and for good reason. The Titan panel is a sturdy, non-skid panel that won't rot, fade, or bend and will last you for years and years. From top to bottom the panels shown in the picture are Cedar, Unpainted Aluminum, White Painted Aluminum, Tan Painted Aluminum, Grey Titan Flow Through, Tan Titan Flow Through, Grey Vertex, Tan Vertex, Grey Wood-grain Painted Aluminum, Standard Wood-grain Painted Aluminum, and IPE which is a special order wood panel.

Walk The Dock

Again we invite you to come to our location at 4553 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse NY 13215 and come walk the dock to feel the quality of the dock and check out the different styles, accessories, and panels we have available. For more information about the accessories we have available Click Here. We would also be happy to help you find what style would work well for your waterfront as well as assist you in creating a unique layout that works for you.

If you have any questions feel free to call (315)469-4867 and we will answer any question you have. If you are interested in a dock and would like more information or would like to get a quote on a layout Click Here, fill out the form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are curious as to what the prices are of our dock, you can find more information Here.

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