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ShoreMaster Boat Lift Overview

If you are interested in a boat lift to help protect your boat, then this video is a good place to start in order to learn about aluminum boat lifts. If you still have further questions feel free to give us a call at (315)469-4867 or you can email any of the eamils at the bottom of our website.

As the pioneers of the welded aluminum boat lift with a passion for continuous improvement, ShoreMaster has perfected their design to offer superior stability, reliability and performance season after season. Welded construction and premium components make ShoreMaster Vertical Lifts the most trusted boat lift in the industry as well as the easiest to install and own. Their double v-side design provides easy access to your watercraft, and their exclusive Whisper Winch offers the market’s quietest operation. Plus, when you add a boat lift motor, use becomes as easy as the push of a button.

Product Highlights

  1. Dime-Welded Construction

  2. Exclusive Whisper Winch (the industry's quietest operation)

  3. Double V-Side Design

  4. Available Motorized Operation (Integrated or Add-On)

  5. 66" Rack Travel

  6. Available in capacities of 2,200 - 7,000lbs

  7. 84" Winch Post

  8. Rails and Bunks for V-Hulls, Sailboats, and Pontoons

  9. Industry's Easiest Assembly & Installation (8 piece design)Product Highlights


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