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How To Easily Move Your Boat Lift

Make Your Installation Easier

If you are the kind of person who likes to remove and install your docks and lifts by yourself or with a few friends then we have a few options available to make it easier on you every season. However if you aren't that sort of person and would like someone to install and remove your docks every season we at Brinson Marine do offer that service for ShoreMaster docks and lifts.

Hoist Lifting Arm

The first tool we have available which is also shown in the video is the lifting arm, which is essentially just a lever that can be placed anywhere along the vertical frame of the boat hoist. This allows you to place it wherever it is most comfortable and saves your back from having to bend down and lift the hoist by the bottom beam. The tools are all aluminum construction and are made by ShoreMaster. We carry these tools in stock and sell them in store for $155.40. To purchase them online visit our store by clicking here and we can ship them to you with free shipping or you can pick them up at Brinson Marine. Our dock crews don't leave the shop without these tools.

Smarte Jack Wheel Kits

Another option that is available to purchase is the Smarte Jack wheel system. Just like ShoreMaster's wheel legs on their docks, the Smarte Jacks are a screw leg adjustment. Therefore if you stick a wrench or socket on the adjustment screw these wheels move up and down, meaning you can wheel the lift out to where you want it and then just screw the leg up which will drop the lift on the ground. After that you simply remove the pin, slide the wheel off and the bracket can be left on the hoist year round. The wheels are not rated for supporting the weight of a boat and should not be in play once the lift is in the desired position. We do recommend that the wheel be removed due to wave action slowly wearing the wheel away over the course of a season. Smarte Jacks can be purchased in pairs and many people find that 2 wheels are sufficient especially combined with the lifter tools that were mentioned before.

Stationary Wheel Kits

The third option that is mentioned in the video is a lower cost option than the Smarte Jacks but function in a similar way. We offer a wheel bracket that is not adjustable vertically but just like the Smarte Jacks the bracket can be placed anywhere along the bottom beam of the hoist. The bracket is essentially a mounting bracket with an axle attached that also has a pin to hold the poly wheel on. Just like the Smarte Jacks the wheel has to be removed to avoid wear from wave action over the course of the season. These wheel kits can be purchased for $438 and we carry these in stock as well.

These are a few options available to make your seasonal installation much easier when it comes to moving your boat lift. Many people tend to think that 4 wheels are required in order to easily move a hoist, however 2 wheels could be enough for you, especially combined with our lifting arms or additional people. The wheel brackets can be added at any point so if you feel like purchasing 2 wheels first and think you may want 4 then the additional 2 can be installed at any time.

We have information on our accessories and dock in the Learning Center section of our website. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (315) 469-4867 or email any of the following:

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