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How Much Does a Removable Dock Cost?

In this article we will go over some different pricing options available with ShoreMaster aluminum docks.

Why Aluminum Dock?

If you are interested in purchasing a dock then you might have quite a few questions on your mind. Should I go with a permanent dock or a removable one? If I go with removable should I get a steel or aluminum dock? Should I get standing dock or wheel-in dock? What is all of this going to cost me?

Hopefully we can help you with at least one of those questions. Brinson Marine is a dealer of ShoreMaster docks and lifts. ShoreMaster brand is well known for making light, durable, and extremely user friendly systems for both dock and boat lifts. All ShoreMaster dock consists of an all-aluminum frame with aluminum legs as well as aluminum connectors. The biggest benefit of having an aluminum dock is the fact that it doesn't rust and will stand strong for many years. The other benefits with an aluminum construction become apparent when you lift a section. They are extremely light and easy to handle compared to steel constructed docks. To make it even lighter ShoreMaster docks have removable panels which also gives you the opportunity to store them inside or covered during the off season. So what's the downside of aluminum dock? There must be one, right? Well typically steel dock would tend to be more stable as you got out into very deep water due to its heavier weight. However ShoreMaster has the option of adding on heavy duty legs which are galvanized steel pipe that are mounted at an angle to give the dock a wider base at the lake bed.

For additional information on ShoreMaster docks and pricing then visit our buying guide by clicking here.

What's it going to cost me?

One thing to consider with ShoreMaster dock that was mentioned previously are the removable panels that are available. They come in a wide array of colors and materials, therefore they range in price. In the picture shown from top to bottom the options include: Cedar, Unpainted Aluminum, White Aluminum, Tan Aluminum, Grey Titan, Tan Titan, Grey Vertex, Tan Vertex, Grey Woodgrain Aluminum, Woodgrain Aluminum, and IPE which is a special order panel.

ShoreMaster Panel Display

Our most popular panel is the non-skid, flow-thru, Titan panel which is made from polypropylene and reinforced with aluminum for extra strength. This panel does not fade, warp or crack.

With that in mind, our dock sections have a range in prices depending upon which panels are chosen. So let's see what some of our most popular sections cost.

Single Sections

RS4 - 4'x10' Sections: $1,798 - $2,423

TS9 - 4'x16' Sections: $2,844 - $3,844

Infinity RS4 (4” Ribbed Rail Side Design) is a 10' long section that is 4' wide. The side of the dock is 4 inches tall giving it a small profile over the water. It is a versatile and lightweight dock that can suit almost any need.

Infinity TS9 (9” Classic Truss Side Design) is a 16' long section that is 4' wide as well. The side of the dock is 9 inches tall and has truss style supports giving it an open side for wind and water to flow through if a big storm were to come through. TS9 is especially good for getting out to deeper water quicker due to its 16' length. It is also works very well with wheel kits to aid in installation and removal. Each wheel kit can be placed on every other section of dock making a typical "section" of dock 32' when wheels are in play. A typical 32' of wheel-in dock ranges from $6,234 - $8,234.

For additional information on wheel-in docks and if they will work well for you Click Here.

An additional option that is very popular is an aluminum ramp as well. These are useful for starting a dock from an incline/decline in terrain and is also great for creating a more flush start to the dock. Ramps come in 4' and 8' lengths which range from $728 - $978 and $1,344 - $1,844 respectively, depending upon what panels you may choose. This price includes the ramp, hardware, as well as the brackets required for mounting the ramp.

*Additional discounts during the off season and boat show available. Call for more details.

(315) 469-4867

Additional Options

A ramp isn't your only option when it comes to starting your dock. Other options are available such as a bracket, known as an L-Adapter, that can mount to an existing seawall. This bracket is extremely sturdy and very easy to use. Another option that is available is to start the dock using a set of stairs if you'd like. These stairs can be mounted directly to the dock so stability is not an issue.

There are also a wide array of accessories to choose from. We go over many of our most popular accessories in another video labeled Accessory Showcase, also located in the learning hub.

If you have any questions or are interested in any dock or accessories we can be contacted at (315) 469-4867. Additionally, you can click the link provided below to fill out a Dock Interest Form and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Our contact information including email and address can also be found below.

To get a quote or more information about our dock: Click Here

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