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Renew Your Wooden Decking

If you have ever seen what happens to wood when it is exposed to the elements then you know that if it is unpainted or unstained then it turns grey and faded rather quickly.

Wooden dock panels are no exception, and really they tend to fade faster than normal due to the fact that they are exposed to the sun and water all season. Staining or painting your panels is always a good option for preserving your panels. But if you just hadn't gotten around to it or changed your mind about staining your panels, power washing your panels is a quick and easy solution to restore your panels to the point where you can then paint or stain them.

It's also easy enough to power wash you panels every season which will keep them looking nice and fresh looking.

For additional info about ShoreMaster dock and lift call (315)469-4867 or visit our location on Onondaga Hill.


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