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Lift Motor Remote Pairing Tutorial

When Do You Need To Pair Your Remote?

There's really only two situations that require you to pair your Lift Boss remote to your lift motor: when you get a new remote or very rarely when you need to change the batteries on the remote. Typically if you change the batteries on your lift boss remote you won't need to pair it again to your lift motor. However if the battery is left dead for too long of there is a fault with the battery then the remote may require a re-pairing. A new remote is another situation that requires your remote to be paired with your lift motor. Whether you just want an extra remote or two lying around for added convenience or your remote was lost or damaged, additional remotes will have to be paired to your Lift Boss.

Changing The Batteries

In order to change the batteries on every generation of the Lift Boss remote the back of the remote must be taken off. This is as simple as removing the small screws that are on the back of the remote using a small Philips head screwdriver. Be careful not to lost the screws as they are very small and easy to misplace. Once the back is removed from the remote you will immediately see the internals of the remote including the battery.

It is a good idea to remove the back of the remote and see what type of battery is inside before going and buying the one you think you may need. The different generations of remotes use different types of batteries. The oldest generation remote (black with red buttons) uses what you would find in a watch or other small electronics, a 3 volt 2032 battery. The next generation (black with grey/white buttons) use what looks like a miniature AAA battery but it is a Duracell 27 battery. The newest generation (grey with black buttons) can have either of these batteries in them so it is important to open the remote first to see which kind of battery they require.

Once the battery is replaced you just simply put the back of the remote back on and put the screws back in. The whole process is just as easy as changing the batteries on your TV remote with the addition of some small screws. Once the battery is replaced and the cover is back on test the remote by going up or down with the lift. If the lift motor does not respond then you will have to do the pairing procedure.

Pairing Your Remote

Once your battery is replaced or you receive a new remote it is time to pair it with your lift motor. Pairing your remote to a Lift Boss motor is luckily an easy process.

For the older generation (black with red buttons, black with white/grey buttons) the pairing process is the same.

-To start, hold the "Up" button on the remote. You will be holding the "Up" button for the entire process.

-While holding the button, disconnect the power to the motor and wait a few seconds.

-Turn the key on the motor with the power still disconnected.

-After waiting a few seconds and turning the key, reconnect the power to the motor. Since you are still holding the "Up" button the lift should start moving if the remote is paired.

For the newest generation (grey with black buttons) the pairing process is similar with one difference. Instead of holding the "Up" button for the entire process you will instead hold the "Light" button which is indicated by a light bulb icon on the button.

If the remote doesn't work after these steps it is recommended that you try once more as it is easy to let go of the button while disconnecting and reconnecting the power. If the process was followed correctly and the remote still doesn't work with the motor there may be an issue with either the battery or the remote itself. If this is the case feel free to call Brinson Marine at (315) 469-4867 and we can diagnose your issue and replace your remote if necessary.


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